Hello. Welcome.  Nice to see you here at the online home of my work.

I've been making artwork for nearly thirty years.  Writing for longer.  I began as a photographer. I made portraits for two decades.  I was looking to show other people their own beauty, while searching in their faces to find my own.  A few years ago, for an unknown reason, I began drawing the words I saw in my head; their meaning expressed via their literal meaning as well as the shape I drew them in.  So I stopped making portraits and kept drawing words instead.

My work is made in counterpoint to all that is tough difficult brutal in this life.  It's my way out of the dark.  It is necessary to me like breathing.

When I say "my work" I don't only mean the 'artwork' I make.  I mean the words I write about the artwork.  The words I write about my life. The videos I make. The exhibitions I create.  The context I put my work in.  It is when all of it comes together that I really say what I mean.

And so: this place. 

This site of mine that attempts to join all the dots, bring all the various parts of what I do together.  Express with a kind of fullness what it is that I'm trying to say.

I've only just begun loading up the work - 29 years is a lot to get through... I'm hoping even at this early stage of the site,  you might find something I've made or written that really resonates with you.  

It's why I do what I do: to make someone feel something.  After all, how it feels is everything.