Come to me [large testprint]

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Come to me [large testprint]



SIZE OF IMAGE: 52 x71 cm

PAPER: This is a test-print , and is printed on a thin but hardy paper.

PRICE: the usual price of an open-edition print [on archival paper] of this size is $987

PHOTO: This is a photograph of the print which I took quickly at night -the print looks even better than this IRL, trust me :-) F.


SECOND: The studioprints in this sale are seconds, they have small imperfections, such as a bend mark, scuff or pencil mark. If you instruct your framer to frame right up to the edge of the image, these imperfections will be hardly noticable.

As the prints are seconds, they are not numbered, but are initialled FW.


From purchase- I’m aiming to ship these within 2 working days, depending on the volume of orders from this sale. I’m only one person and the packaging actually takes a while! How long the artwork takes to get to you depends, obviously, on where you live.


Choose “Courier for studioprint within North Island” or “Courier for studioprint within South Island.” If you’re wanting to pick up from me, “Pick up from FW” and there’ll be no charge.

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