About this exhibition

Me in my lounge (the site for the exhibition) along with testprints for the show, January 2018

Me in my lounge (the site for the exhibition) along with testprints for the show, January 2018


Fleur Wickes: A private view 

Large scale written-word artworks, photographs and paintings - shown in the context of my own home.  With this exhibition, I'm telling you a very personal story.  This is a self-portrait in 3D.


1st to 31st March 2018  

14 Glasgow Street, Whanganui & online

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10 am - 4.30 pm

I'm inviting you to come look inside my private spaces.  Artwork leaned up against the wall, taped up on the fridge, tucked on a bookshelf.  Flowers on the table, dishes on the kitchen sink, an imperfectly made bed.

You'll see the rough with the lovely. A little bit of sorrow mixed with my fierce belief in how beautiful this world is.

This is my life, and I'm showing it to you. 

In keeping with the intimate nature of this show, viewings of this show are by appointment only, even during the Artist Open Studios weekends.  In this way, you'll get to look at the work with just you [and a couple of friends, if you like] in the room, get to view it like I intended you would.  Plus you'll get to engage with me if you want, ask about the artwork in a way you never usually can.


If you're not able to come to Whanganui to see the work,
you can also book a private view with me via skype/facetime! 
I'm so excited about this!  If you're in Invercargill or Christchurch or Wellington or Melbourne or Levin, I can show you through the show myself, via video! To do this you'll need to make a booking online, and also email me to let me know your viewing will be via video, and let me know your contact details for skype/facetime etc.