The because you’re fcking awesome project



The project that began with a birthday present

For my son’s birthday in 2017, I wrote on the outside of each present reasons why I’d given it to him: because you’re kind, because you’re intelligent, because I love you… you get the idea.

Then I decided to make them into a series of cards. Because you’re kind, because you’re hot, because you’re sweet, because you’re funny, because I love you, XO.

I gave a because you’re sweet to a friend but crossed out sweet and wrote fcking awesome instead. A while later she showed me her wallet - she’d been carrying the card around, to remind her on days she needed reminding just how awesome she was.

I felt quite emotional when I saw that card in her wallet. I decided there and then I wanted to start randomly putting these cards around: #fwstealthdrop, the because you’re fcking awesome project was born.

I’ve always wanted to be a graffiti artist but I’m way too well behaved, lol. Putting wee cards around in random places is about as naughty as I can manage… I’ve got to tell you though, it is SO exciting stealth-dropping these cards, wondering afterward just who is gonna pick them up, hoping I made their day. #fwstealthdrops was born.

Following are some of my favourite photographs of the stealthdrops.

Bowie, you’re fcking awesome. Junk and Disorderly, Foxton, NZ, July 2019

At the game, All Blacks VS South Afica, 27 July 2019 [Photograph: Geena Wickes]

Buenos Aires, September 2019

Mutante tattoo, Buenos Aires [drop + photo by VB]